Portuguese for Children and Teens 


Whether you are a native Portuguese speaker and want your child to learn your mother tongue and the culture of your country, or you want your child  to achieve a GCSE or A Level in Portuguese language, we have the ideal course for your child!


Learning Portuguese with us means fun and interaction!  Your child will learn Portuguese using a vast array of materials and tools, not only will they work with Salpicos Book series, but also, they will learn vocabulary through games, roleplaying, songs; they will also learn about the culture, habits, traditions of Portugal and Brazil.  


The complete course has 4 levels (catering for students from 4 to 12 years old)  At the end of the level 4 , students reach a level of proficiency at level B1, which is equivalent to a GCE AS level / lower grade A-level.   

Download a Full Course Brochure