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Calling all students of GCSE Portuguese!



We found an app available in Apple Store and also on Android shop that you can donwload onto your mobile or ipad and use it to test you in Foundation and Higher Tier vocabulary which has over 1465 words as defined in OCR syllabus. See a list of the required vocabulary here.

We all know how daunting vocabulary learning can be when preparing for the GCSE test and every new tool that can help us to achieve a good vocabulary level is welcome, especially if the tool is practical and convenient, like a mobile application that we can study on the go.

This app comes with the following features:


This innovative app has beautiful flash cards with coverflow view which can be viewed either by Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese.



You can test yourself on vocab with intelligently designed quiz system. All words are categorized in topics. The practice module allows you to reattempt incorrectly answered questions or questions that you haven't addressed yet. At the end of each test you can see the scores and review your answers. The pie chart shows your current progress.

Again, you can either test yourself in Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese.

unnamed (1).png


Mock Test covers all the 1465 words both ways and records your progress as you take them.


There are several other innovative features that makes this app as perfect study and test tool for GCSE Portuguese Vocab

To download the app, visit the Apple Store or Android Store on your mobile or tablet. If you are not sure how to do it, please, speak to your teacher for assistance.


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