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Did you know that you can get your first internationally recognised Certificate in Portuguese Language soon after you complete the BASIC level courses at Portuguese on Demand?

The CAPLE "Centro de Avaliação do Português Língua Estrangeira" is a system of assessment and certification of Portuguese as a foreign language. It was established through a partnership between the Camões Institute, the Portuguese Department for Education and the University of Lisbon.

There are five levels of Portuguese as a foreign language and the examinations can be taken by anyone aged 14 or above who wants to prove his/her competence in Portuguese for educational, professional and other reasons in terms recognised by each certificate.

For each CAPLE exam (CIPLE, DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE and DUPLE), the results are attested according to 3 different levels, as follows:

- Muito Bom (very well) for students who scored a result between 85% and 100%,

- Bom (well) for scores between 70% and 84%

- and the passing grade of Suficiente (sufficient), which corresponds to a score between 55% and 69%

Just like the tests of French and Spanish you do not get a score. The highest level of diplomas you obtain will determine your proficiency level. If you are applying to study in Portugal or in other European Portuguese-speaking countries, you are most likely to require a DAPLE or DUPLE.

See the table below to find out how the CAPLE examinations match the courses we offer at Portuguese on Demand:

CIPLE (equivalent to the Basic 2 level at Portuguese on Demand)

It is the initial certificate of Portuguese as a foreign language. It assesses a basic knowledge of the language and attests the ability of the candidate to use it in simple situations of everyday life. It is equivalent to level A2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

DEPLE (equivalent to the Intermediate 1 level at Portuguese on Demand)

This certificate attests an elementary knowledge of the Portuguese language and corresponds to level B1 of the European Framework (CEFR).

DIPLE (equivalent to the Intermediate level 2 at Portuguese on Demand)

This certificate attests an intermediate knowledge of the Portuguese language. It is equivalent to level B2 of the European Framework (CEFR).

DAPLE (equivalent to the Advanced level 2 at Portuguese on Demand)

This certificate attests an advanced level of the Portuguese language, corresponding to level C1 of the European Framework (CEFR).

DUPLE (equivalent to the post-Advanced level at Portuguese on Demand)

University certificate of Portuguese as a foreign language. It is equivalent to level C2, the highest in the scale of the European Framework (CEFR).

Preparing for CAPLE examinations at Portuguese on Demand

We run courses for CAPLE exams preparations based on demand. Please send us an email for more info, dates and prices.

Read here an interview with our student VIKKI, from Basildon, Essex. Vikki is studying for the CIPLE (IBasic Level) exam taking place in November 2014.

If you have finished your Basic Course at Portuguese on Demand and would like to discuss with your teacher the possibilitiy of taking this examination, please get in touch.

If you are not a current student and would like to find more information about these exams and preparatory courses, drop us a line and we will make the most we can to help you.

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