Book: O Menino Maluquinho

Today I would like to speak about this wonderful little book written by Brazil's most famous cartoonist and writer, Ziraldo, whose books have sold about ten million copies, have been translated to many foreign languages and adapted to the theater and cinema.


O Menino Maluquinho (The Nutty Boy) is a series of comic book and comic strip published in 1980 that became a phenomenon during the decades 1990 and 2000, receiving movies, plays and TV series


The stories revolve around the life of Maluquinho, a playful and optimistic 10-years-old boy that uses a pan on the head. Most of the stories revolve around the antics of Maluquinho and friends.

Ok, but how can I practise the Imperfect Past on this book?

The story is told using the imperfect past, that is, the author tells us about the boy's daily routine when he was young, his personality, his habits, his friends, his parents reactions to his cheeky moments - all this must be expressed using the Imperfect tense and the book is filled with the most common verbs in a very accessible language.

menino maluquinho.jpg

The student will also have the chance to learn about some of the most spoken expressions/idioms in Brazilian Portuguese, such as: what "ter o olho maior do que a barriga" means? Above you can see a copy of the pages of the book, and as you can notice, the book makes use of simple and short sentences, ideal for the beginner student of Portuguese language.

We hold 2 copies of this fantastic book in our library (one is a signed copy!) but if you want to start reading it now you can visit the official website and read the book from beginning to end.

I found a Blog post in internet with some of the pages translated into English - you can check the page for a mini-show-off of some pages.

Speak to your teacher if you would like to borrow this book and also for some more ideas on how you can improve your understanding of the Pretérito Imperfeito in Portuguese language

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