Free Courses in Portuguese Language


Do you want to practise Portuguese language as you learn a new skill or expand your knowledge base?

There are many Brazilian and Portuguese institutions that offer FREE or reduced fee online courses open to everyone.

You will need to have a good command of Portuguese language and be able to understand spoken and written language at a high intermediate/advanced, however, if you are finishing your Intermediate 2 course you may be able to understand the syllabuses of many non-academic courses offered.

Courses range from general knowledge such as understanding maps, recognising stars, local history etc to technical courses that can lead to a new career, such as: manicure, it, shop assistant etc. There are also free online graduation courses offered by USP and life skills courses such as literacy, maths, speaking in public offered by many educational centres in Brazil and in Portugal.

Find below a list of the most popular institutions that offer either free or low-cost, short and long courses. Take your time and explore the themes that are offered and should you need any assistance to enrol in any of this courses, leave a comment below or speak to your teacher.

Cursos Iped

The IPED - Polytechnic Institute of Distance Education - is a fuly constituted school and therefore , your certificate is actually valid in Brazil and in more than 60 countries .

Courses are online and you can start studying anytime using your computer. The courses are designed using a mix of text material and pictures, animations and videos.

All courses are free. You can take a free course every 180 days and also print your certificate at the end of the course, at no cost.

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Unieducar Educational S / S Ltda Intelligence - ME is an institution of education that operates in the areas of Training , Research and Professional Development since February 2003 . Unieducar is an affiliated member of ABED - Brazilian Association of Distance Education, so, Unieducar is accredited to offer courses and events in the distance e-learning mode.

Unieducar offers courses such as: special needs education, inclusive education, management, Portuguese language, Law, Civil Law etc.

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The Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises ( Sebrae ) is a private nonprofit organization .It was created to provide support to small businesses across the country and since 1972 , works to stimulate entrepreneurship and enable competitiveness and sustainability of micro enterprises and small.

Sebrae offers courses for small investors, business owners, start-ups, on the fild of management, strategy, planning, laws etc.

Check the available courses here.


Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial, Portuguese for National Service for Industrial Training is a Brazilian network of not-for-profit secondary level professional schools established and maintained by the Brazilian Confederation of Industry.

Current online courses offered by Senai are: Environmental Education , Entrepreneurship, Work Legislation , Safety , Information and Communication Technology, Intellectual Property , Programming Logic and Conscious Power Consumption.

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The Social Service of Industry ( SESI) of Paraná supports the industries of the State of Paraná actions to promote a better quality of life for industrial workers, their families and the community, strengthening the personal and professional development of the employee .

Sesi offers 76 free courses, sewage treatment, furniture making, textile industry machinery, graphic industry machinery handling, enterpreneurship, wood sector, health conditions amongst many others!

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Cursos 24 horas

Cursos 24 horas offers short courses on a varied range of themes, such as finance, mathematics, webmaster, public speaking, time management, corel draw, telemarketing etc.

Courses are of a very low cost if paid in British Pounds.

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Fundação Bradesco

This e-learning portal offers more than 30 courses that you can start anytime!

Photography, database, infrastructure, operational systems, finance etc.

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Prime Cursos

Prime Cursos offers over free 150 courses leading to a Professional Qualification. They are a registered body at the Brazilian National Education Council (No 04/99 MEC). Prime Cursos have students enrolled in all states of Brazil.

They offer courses on gastronomy, education, law, accountancy, management, marketing, civil construction etc.

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Learn café

The is an innovative education portal distance , which aims to connect students and teachers in a unique learning environment . The education portal offers free courses on a range of subjects such as photography, webdesign, wordpress and blogger plataform, financial mathematics, webhost manager, how to open and keep your shop, personal stylist etc. With nearly 100k fans in facebook, Learn Cafe seems to be a solid and trustworthy education provider.

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Content is free to access, as with major US Mooc platforms, but if learners want certification of their studies they must pay. Veduca users’ certificates are issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, with students tested at one of 240 test centres nationwide. If you want to learn a new skill and practise Portuguese without the need of a certificate, this is the place to be, as content is delivered by video lessons by Portuguese tutors. Check this article in the press about Veduca.

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Hospital Albert Einstein

If you want to learn more about medicine and medical procedures, Brazil's leading private hospital offers free online courses open for the general public and nurses, trainees, health workers etc. Courses are short and skill focused, that is, you get to learn exactly what you want, in a very concise way.

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Buzzero offers paid short courses on a interesting range of subjects such as Panettone making, cake decorating, vertical gardening, hairdressers management etc. The courses are priced fairly, in Brazilian Reais; the website earns a comission for each course taken. The Panettone Making course is priced at only £4.50. With more than 20k students enroled, Buzzero for sure

stands out as a leading provider of short courses that many Brazilians trust!

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The EduKe is a very recent Portuguese startup that provides low-cost online courses in the areas of Communication, Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing . Although not specialized in free courses , the site offers a free course when you subscribe to it. Course prices are very reasonable ranging from 10 € to 30 € .

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The list keeps getting bigger and bigger as more education providers start to deliver their courses via the internet. If want to add any other website/company to this list, simply leave a comment below.

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