Free Courses in Portuguese Language


Do you want to practise Portuguese language as you learn a new skill or expand your knowledge base?

There are many Brazilian and Portuguese institutions that offer FREE or reduced fee online courses open to everyone.

You will need to have a good command of Portuguese language and be able to understand spoken and written language at a high intermediate/advanced, however, if you are finishing your Intermediate 2 course you may be able to understand the syllabuses of many non-academic courses offered.

Courses range from general knowledge such as understanding maps, recognising stars, local history etc to technical courses that can lead to a new career, such as: manicure, it, shop assistant etc. There are also free online graduation courses offered by USP and life skills courses such as literacy, maths, speaking in public offered by many educational centres in Brazil and in Portugal.

Find below a list of the most popular institutions that offer either free or low-cost, short and long courses. Take your time and explore the themes that are offered and should you need any assistance to enrol in any of this courses, leave a comment below or speak to your teacher.

Cursos Iped

The IPED - Polytechnic Institute of Distance Education - is a fuly constituted school and therefore , your certificate is actually valid in Brazil and in more than 60 countries .

Courses are online and you can start studying anytime using your computer. The courses are designed using a mix of text material and pictures, animations and videos.

All courses are free. You can take a free course every 180 days and also print your certificate at the end of the course, at no cost.

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Unieducar Educational S / S Ltda Intelligence - ME is an institution of education that operates in the areas of Training , Research and Professional Development since February 2003 . Unieducar is an affiliated member of ABED - Brazilian Association of Distance Education, so, Unieducar is accredited to offer courses and events in the distance e-learning mode.

Unieducar offers courses such as: special needs education, inclusive education, management, Portuguese language, Law, Civil Law etc.

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The Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises ( Sebrae ) is a private nonprofit organization .It was created to provide support to small businesses across the country and since 1972 , works to stimulate entrepreneurship and enable competitiveness and sustainability of micro enterprises and small.

Sebrae offers courses for small investors, business owners, start-ups, on the fild of management, strategy, planning, laws etc.

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Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial, Portuguese for National Service for Industrial Training is a Brazilian network of not-for-profit secondary level professional schools established and maintained by the Brazilian Confederation of Industry.

Current online courses offered by Senai are: Environmental Education , Entrepreneurship, Work Legislation , Safety , Information and Communication Technology, Intellectual Property , Programming Logic and Conscious Power Consumption.