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As Ondas de Abril

The Federal Councellor, annoyed by the anti-establishment tone of The French speaking Swiss radio channel, imposes "safer" subjects on Philippe de Roulet, the programs director. To please him, de Roulet sends to Portugal a team composed of Julie, a dedi

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Mortinho por Chegar a Casa

A Portuguese immigrant in Holland dies in an accident and is buried in a cemetery in Amsterdam. Soon he discovers that his soul won't rest in peace until his body is laying down in his fatherland. This way he decides to go to Portugal to convince his sister to travel to Amsterdam and bring back his body. The only problem is that the only way for him to be seen or heard by the living is appearing in their dreams.


Os Gatos não têm Vertigens

An 18 year old with a complicated life, and starting a criminal career ends up on a rooftop of Lisbon. On the apartment bellow lives a, just widowed, lonely old lady. Against all odds, and her family advice, they become each others best company.


A Costa dos Murmúrios

"The Murmuring Coast" is a loose adaptation of the novel by Portuguese writer Lidia Jorge. It was awarded the Breakthrough Awards in the 7th edition of the European Film Festival, Cinessonne 2005.

In the late 60s, Evita arrives in Mozambique to marry Luís, a mathematics student on a military service there. In the days that follow, Evita soon realises that Luís is no longer the same and, disturbed by the war, became a pale imitation of his captain, Forza Leal. The men leave for a major military operation in the north and Evita is left alone and desperate to understand what had changed Luís. Evita falls into a web of petty violence without glory and without honor. The violence of a colonial time on its final days. A time of war, loss and blame.

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Mistérios de Lisboa

This is the last completed work from the remarkable and prolific Chilean film-maker Raúl Ruiz. Originally intended as a TV mini-series, it has now been boldly put together as a dream-epic feature in two parts, lasting four-and-a-half hours. Mysteries of Lisbon is intensely and captivatingly strange, a sinuous melodrama about secrecy, destiny and memory in which everyone involved appears to be in a state of hypnosis and on the edge of departing for some Magrittean alternative universe. "Mysteries" is exactly right.

At the story's centre is Pedro de Silva, a young orphan in Lisbon, played as a boy by João Luís Arrais, and a young man by Afonso Pimental. This boy is taken under the wing of the orphanage's director, a priest of shrewd, enigmatic severity and reticent wisdom, wonderfully played by Adriano Luz. Father Dinis is to reveal to Pedro, little by little, the extraordinary story of his origins. The boy is to become acquainted with his mother Ângela (Maria João Bastos), the story of her unhappy marriage to the tempestuous and unfaithful Count of Santa Bárbara (Albano Jerónimo) and the disreputable brawler and merchant Alberto de Magalhães (Ricardo Pereira), who is to defend her honour. In the second half of the movie, Father Dinis himself is to reveal more of his own extraordinary career that preceded elevation to the priesthood: a master of disguise, a libertine, a soldier, a man about town, and, like Pedro, an abandoned child.

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What a Tourist should see in Lisbon

In 1925, Fernando Pessoa wrote a guidebook to Lisbon for English-speaking visitors, and wrote it in English. The typescript was only discovered amongst his papers long after his death, but has not hitherto been made available in the UK or the USA. The book is fascinating in that it shows us Pessoa's view of his native city - and Pessoa, as an adult, rarely left Lisbon, and it figures large in his poetry. The book can still be useful to visitors today, given that the majority of the sights described are still to be found. A fascinating scrap from the master's table....


Tarde Demais

It is the story of four men trying to survive a shipwreck in the middle of the Tagus river. The different opinions among them about how to achieve the margin will generate conflicts that will inevitably set them apart . At dusk, families start to worry about the lack of news. Will these fishermen be able to survive?


Behind The Sun

The Brazilian badlands, April 1910. Tonho is ordered by his father to avenge the death of his older brother. The young man knows that if he commits this crime, his life will be divided in two: the 20 years he has already lived and the few days he has left to live, before the other family avenges their son's death. He is torn between fulfilling his ancestral duty and rebelling against it, urged by his younger brother Pacu. That's when a tiny traveling circus passes through the vast badlands where Tonho's family lives.



Film based on real life experiences of doctor Drauzio Varella inside dreadful State penitentiary Carandiru, in São Paulo, Brazil, while he was doing a social work of Aids prevention. There he found hundreds of convicts living under degrading conditions. The situation came to a climax in 1992, when in order to smother a rebellion, police force killed 111 men.

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