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Welcome to the new Student Area! 


The new design offers an easier navigation experience, with user friendly menus all in one page.   Find also new exclusive tools for your language learning: a RESOURCE page filled with all the bolts and nuts of the language, an EXERCISE section with online and print out activities to consolidate what you learned in class, a QUIZ fun page with quizzes about grammar and vocabulary (under construction) and finally an online catalogue of everything you can find in our library! The PODCAST section is devoted to Brazilian Portuguese, but if you learn European Portuguese, you may find it usefull too :)  
Don't forget to check the FORUM page, where you can meet fellow students, share your tips about Portugal and Brazil, ask questions about the places, language and culture and much more.





  • Verb charts showing the complete conjugation in all tenses and modes

  • Word lists: description words, places, adverbs, parts of the house etc

  • Grammar Explanatory Notes with examples on the topics seen in class

  • Videos of relevant topics - revise and learn new content in a fun way!


Podcasts and Music 


Exclusive collection of podcasts (audio classes) that you can listen in your mobile, tablet or computer. 


Practise pronunciation, vocabulary and consolidate new knowledge through music!  We have prepared a special selection of exercises using songs from the most popular singers in Brazil and Portugal!



In this section you find a good collection of exercises that can be either done online or simply printed out and completed by hand.


Your teacher will corrected them if you wish, free of charge. 

Practise for exams, final tests, specific topics seen in your coursebook. 



Have your say!   Our FORUM is the place where you can exchange ideas about your course, meet other fellow students, ask questions and learn more about Portuguese language!  



Take a look at our catalogue and reserve online the material you want to borrow:

  • Films

  • Sitcoms

  • Documentaries

  • Cartoons

  • Magazines

  • Modern Literature

  • Classics   and much more!

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