Porto 2016


This year we went to Porto to spend a whole week in a Portuguese language immersion program.  

Students spent their mornings in an intensive course and afternoons & evenings were dedicated to cultural activities.

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The activities

During our Study Week in Porto, we visited some of the city's landmarks and varied historical monuments, including the cathedral with its Romanesque choir, neoclassical Stock Exchange and the typical Portuguese Manueline-style Church of Santa Clara.   As a learner of Portuguese language, students were impressed to visit Lello Bookshop,  appointed by Lonely Planet as the third most beautiful library in the world! 

The school

This year we attended Portuguese language classes at Fast Forward Institute, located at the heart of the city of Porto.  Their language lessons focus on communication and students were encouraged to interact with their classmates, teachers and the entire staff at Fast Forward Language Institute in Portuguese.  

The wine

We had a tour at Graham's, one of the many Port wine cellars in the region, located in the Cais de Gaia complex which clusters more than 25 stores, including restaurants, shops, cafés, bars and nightclubs. Students were delighted to learn about the making of Porto wine and, of course, everybody enjoyed the tasting sessions!   


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