Portuguese Workshops


Every month we throw a special workshop on a varied range of aspects of Portuguese language learning. The sessions are open to everyone, so if you would like to give Portuguese a try, feel free to browse our calendar of events and book your place today.  

Workshops are held in our premises and it starts at 10.30am, running for 2 hours. 

To book a place, simply click on the green buttom and a new window with our Booking Website will pop out.   Once in there, simply follow the instructions on the screen and make the payment using your debit card or Paypal

Click here for the Workshop T&C  

Speaking about Routines (Verb Training)

Sat, 25th November 2017 @ 10.30am

This a very popular workshop and it usually sells out quickly!  Students like to come to this special session as verbal proficiency is a topic every student wants to improve.  In this session you will work through a varied number of verb drills and Q&A exercises using verbs in the present tense. 

Suitable for students who have already learnt the present tense of Portuguese verbs. 

Speaking about the Past

Date to be confirmed

This workshop will be dedicated to all students who have already learned the past tense of verbs. We will spend 2 hours practising situations when the use of past tense is required. At the end of the workshop, students will have used more than 40 different verbs in the past tense and as a consequence, learners will feel more confident about their use.

Small talk in Portuguese

Date to be confirmed

This workshop is aimed at students of basic and low intermediate levels who wish to improve their conversational skills in Portuguese.    The session will highlight the use of Portuguese  in everyday conversation with Portuguese friends and also  service providers in Portugal or Brazil.  

Improve your Comprehension of Spoken Portuguese

Date to be confirmed

During this 2-hour long workshop, students will practise their comprehesion of spoken language in different situations such as at restaurants, shops, service stations, with service providers etc.   This session is aimed at students of Basic Level 2 and beyond.   To book your place, please click on the link below and choose the workshop you are interested in joining. 

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