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Portuguese Citizenship  

Depending on individual circumstances, foreign nationals applying for Portuguese citizenship may be required to provide proof of their Portuguese language skills.  If the applicant has attended regular school or other recognised educational institutes in Portugal, the certificates issued by these institutes may suffice as proof of language ability.   However, if the applicant is unable to provide this type of evidence, he/she will need to pass the CIPLE (A2) test, which is run by the University of Lisbon and Instituto Camões and is accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.    According to current legislation, A2 is the minimum level required as proof of knowledge of the Portuguese language to obtain Portuguese nationality.

Portuguese on Demand offers a CIPLE preparation Course for candidates wishing to take the CIPLE test.  The CIPLE Preparation Course is designed to give you the techniques you need to maximise your potential, and help you to get the result you want. The course can be taken in our classroom (address) or online.   Candidates wishing to enrol in our CIPLE preparation course must take an Assessment Test in order to have their enrolment approved. 


For more information about the CIPLE test, our Preparation Course and the Assessment Test, check the FAQ below:

All students wishing to enrol in the CIPLE Preparation Course must take an Assessment Test in order to have their enrolment accepted.  

This test has four components and is charged at £45, which is credited as a discount if the student is accepted and enrols in the course.  In case the student does not reach the minimum level to be accepted in the course, the fee paid can be used as a discount should the student wish to enrol in a regular course.  


The fee is not refundable.   


Please, read the full Terms and Conditions before you submit your Assessment Test Application Form.   

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