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Portuguese Courses for Spanish Speakers

Is it easy to learn Portuguese as a Spanish speaker? 

It is undeniable that Spanish and Portuguese have, in general, many similarities. This is due to the fact that both have the same origin, Latin, and the spatial proximity between Portugal and Spain.  

As a Spanish speaker, the learner ​​has a large initial advantage in learning Portuguese and remain more motivated because the student may find it easier to progress. However, it is necessary to be very careful not to let this initial trust turn into assumptions that lead to error. There are many pitfalls to these similarities.  



How similar are Portuguese and Spanish? 


Portuguese and Spanish are languages ​​that have a great normative tradition, formed from two dialects from the North of the Iberian Peninsula: Galician (Portuguese), with records from the 12th century, and Castilian (Spanish), documented from the end of the 10th century.   However, each language followed its own path and had different influences over time, which resulted in significant differences especially in the phonetic-phonological and semantic fields.

This proximity occurs more at the lexical level, that is, approximately 85% of the words have a common origin, according to linguists.  There are many words that are identical and have the same meaning such as flor, comida, carne, sábado, domingo, among others. Due to this fact, it is very easy to read and understand things written in both languages, even if you only speak one of them. Likewise, from a grammar point of view, there are also several similarities.



What are the challenges? 

It is important to note that the similarities among words in the two languages, do not indicate that they are necessarily mutually intelligible to native speakers due to additional differences in pronunciation and syntax and the very speed of speech, which can make a live conversation with a native a little confusing.  

The challenge for the Spanish student, however, is usually found not in understanding, but in applying the grammar correctly in written and oral production.   Our Portuguese course for Spanish speakers cover this aspect extensively. 

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Our Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers 


The Portuguese course for Spanish speakers is designed for teenagers and adult learners. 


It is split into four levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.


The modules place strong emphasis on communicative activities (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and focus on the functional language needed to interact in daily situations.


Sociocultural aspects are built on the topic of each unit offering insight to the Portuguese culture and way of life.


Throughout the course, students will be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and writing exercises. 

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