Portuguese Lessons for young teens (12 - 15 years old)

Teenage Group

Our Portuguese course for young teens is ideal for students who wish to learn Portuguese as a non-native language, second language and/or heritage language.


The Portuguese course for young teens favors a communicative approach based on competences and tasks (taskbased), which allows for practical use in a classroom.  Moreover, the coursebooks are filled with current, motivating and interesting themes for young people, promoting continuity and harmonization in the process of teaching-learning.  

It is organised in 3 levels, covering all aspects relevant to the first two levels (A1 and A2) of the European Language Framework. 

Students (12 - 15 years old) learning Portuguese for the first time must start on the Level 1 and, by the end of Level 3 and depending on the teacher assessment, they may be invited to prepare for a Portuguese GCSE.  Alternatively, students can choose to continue their journey by studying at B1 level.  

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A brief summary of the three levels

LEVEL 1 - A1

Give and ask information about yourself, such as your name, age, nationality, telephone number, place of residence, occupation etc.

Express likes and dislikes in relation to food, drink, hobbies, places, school subjects and people.

Speak about your daily routine.

Describe what you are doing at the moment, where you are and how you are feeling.


Speak about your plans for the future, including when they might happen.

Describe objects, places, people and their location. 

Learn about Portuguese culture and heritage: the flag, the national anthemn, regions, folk songs, celebrities etc. 

Level 1 typically takes 30-32 lessons to be completed 

LEVEL 2 - A1

Ask and give information about routes, neighbourhoods and cities.

Express intentions, make predictions and your plans for the near future.

Understand and give instructions, advice and suggestions. 

Understanding menus, meals, packaging, curtlery, types of restaurants.

Make and respond to invitations, offering justification for turning them down. 

Speak about the human body , physical statuses, sports and sport equipment and free time activities.

Speaking about past events and past routines. Describing someone's biography.

Comparing present and past life situations, places and people.

Level 2 tipically runs for  36-40 lessons. 

LEVEL 3 - A2

Level 3 introduces a wide range of verb tenses, communicative functions and vocabulary through engaging topics of conversation, such as:

Films and the theatre;

Festivals and TV;

Social Media and VR;

Time travel;

TV and Sport Celebrities;



and much more!

Students completing this level can move over to our next course for 16 - 17 years old at an intermediate level.  


Students who are under 15 at the end of this level should complete the next module (using the same book series) designed for young teenagers.

Level 3 is the longest module, students may take approx 40-45 lessons to complete it.

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